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Renting Scuba Equipment

Purchasing your own dive equipment can be a costly endeavor, especially if you only dive occasionally. It can also be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what dive equipment you like or what equipment will work for the type of diving you will primarily be doing. This is why the equipment rentals are attractive to those that are looking to ‘test drive’ a piece of gear before purchasing it. Dive equipment is a vital part of scuba diving so personal preference plays a large part in what equipment will be right for you. You also may need to rent equipment if you discover just before a dive trip that a piece of your gear is malfunctioning. This is why keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance is important to avoid any gear surprises!

The Scuba Company offers rentals to students as well as anyone who is certified and looking to head out on a dive trip. Whether you are traveling out of state/country or just heading to Blue Hole for the weekend, we have all the equipment you may need available for you to rent. You have the option to rent the equipment as a full package or piece-by-piece to supplement your personal equipment. Additionally, many of our more major classes include the gear rental in the price of the course and therefore you won’t have to worry about what you need, it will be provided for you! For a breakdown of scuba gear, check out our page on dive equipment.

Full Rental Package

The full rental package includes everything you will need to dive, except water. The package includes:

  • Wetsuit (7mm)
  • Buoyancy Control Device (with integrated buoyancy control device)
  • Regulator and Regulator bag
  • Pressure gauge with Suunto Computer
  • Tank
  • Weights and weight belt

A full rental package costs $215 for 2 Days and $50 for each subsequent day. For a weekly rental, the cost is $465.

Piece-by-piece Rentals

We also rent any of the pieces to supplement your current equipment for your next dive trip. Below are rental rates based on two-day use so you are not rushed, prices will be discounted for subsequent days or weekly rentals. The piece-by-piece rentals include:

  • Cold Water Full Wetsuit (7mm+): 2-Day Rate: $35, Additional Day: $10, Weekly Rate: $85
  • Buoyancy Control Device (with integrated weight system): 2-Day Rate: $40, Additional Day: $15, Weekly Rate: $115
  • Regulator, Pressure Gauge, Dive Computer, and Regulator bag: 2-Day Rate: $70, Additional Day: $15, Weekly Rate: $150
  • Tank of breathable air: $9
  • Weights and weight belt: $9  Weekly Rate: $34
  • Full Face Mask: $60 (Full Face Specialty is $200)
  • Dry Suit: $100 (Dry Suit Specialty is $225)


Tech Diving Equipment RentalCave Diving - Thailand

We offer both Tech Side-mount and Tech Doubles along with pony bottles for rent for anyone Tech Certified or taking courses.

Rental Rate 

Full Regulator and harness system with tanks- Two Day rental $100.00

Tank Double Rental – Two-Day Rental $40.00

Pony Bottle Rental- Two-Day Rental $15.00



Cleaning of Rental Equipment

The Scuba Company asks that all rental equipment be returned clean and dry in the same condition as you received it. This includes the weights safely secured on the weight belt and away from the rest of the rented equipment. Please clean and dry all rental gear prior to return to avoid any cleaning fees. If you aren’t sure the best way to clean a specific piece of gear, ask a member of The Scuba Company team or check out this handy guide here.