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The Scuba Company prides itself on both exceptional classes and a great selection of gear from the greatest brands. Not only are we committed to finding the gear that will suit you best, but we can also special order items for you at no additional cost. Generally, when you begin scuba diving, you will only need a mask, fins, boots, and a snorkel. During our Open Water class, the first major step in certification, we provide all the additional gear beyond those four items for you. Below is a breakdown of equipment that you will learn about during your Open Water class.

Wetsuit: The Scuba Company will provide a wetsuit as part of the open water class. They are also available for rent. It is highly recommended (and very necessary) to wear a rather thick wetsuit, 7mm, into the crisp 63 degrees of Blue Hole. A hood is included in your class rental, but it is highly recommended (especially if you get cold easily) to purchase a pair of neoprene gloves to keep your hands warm!!

Buoyancy Control Device: You will also be loaned a Buoyancy Control Device or BCD for your first class. The Scuba Company only provides weight-integrated BCDs for students and rentals. The BCD is essential while you dive and provides a way for you to both carry your tank and remain buoyant throughout your dive, arguably the most important part.

Regulator: A regulator is everything when it comes to diving. It is the way you are able to breathe underwater, which is why you always carry two! The dive standard is a standard, or primary, regulator and a secondary or backup regulator. You will receive the standard regulator setup, complete with the “octo” or the piece that brings the two regulators together and connects to the air tank.

Air Tank: A student is typically provided with two tanks of air, one for using immediately and one on standby that can be filled while you are in the water. The Scuba Company standard tanks carry 3,000 PSI and depending on your breathing and depth will last anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes.

Weights: Believe it or not, even with all the gear, you will need some weight to take you below the surface. A standard weight belt includes two of everything, so you can balance from one side to the other. As mentioned, The Scuba Company only utilizes weight-integrated BCDs, so you will have a nice place to store your weights.

Pressure Gauge: Attached to your air tank (or in some cases, wireless!) is a pressure gauge that will allow you to constantly monitor your air pressure to gauge how much air time you have left. You don’t want to run out of air!

Computer: A computer will be provided to you during your Open Water class to track your depth, and dive duration, and to keep you from making any mistakes (like staying at a depth for longer than the safe limit).

We also service gear in-house or rent any scuba gear you might need.

A few of the brands we carry are:

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