Get Scuba Diving Certified in New Mexico

Welcome to The Scuba Company

We specialize in providing the best scuba diving certifications to divers from all over the state. We also sell the highest quality scuba diving equipment in our retail store. We have amazing instructors with hundreds or even thousands of dives who are excited to share their experiences with you. Come see why New Mexico is called the scuba capital of the Southwest. We look forward to diving with you!

Dive Certifications

As a 5-star PADI dive center, we offer the entire range of PADI dive certifications. From Open Water diver all the way to the professional Instructor courses. Our favorite part of diving is sharing experiences with new divers, and bringing new people into the scuba family.

Equipment Rental/Service

If you want to go out for a weekend and need an extra piece of gear or want to rent a full set, we are a one-stop shop for all your rental needs.

If you need your gear inspected or serviced we have a broad range of capabilities in-house, and if we can’t fix it ourselves we have the right connections with your gear manufacturer to take care of any servicing needs.


We organize several trips to the some of the best dive locations in the world each year. Destinations are ever changing but in the past we have visited Roatan, Fiji, Philippines, Belize, and more. If you would like to join one of our group trips please come to the store or contact us online for more information. (Travel tab will be updated with future dates soon.)

Hydrostatic Testing

We are one of the only locations in the state that offers Department of Transit approved hydrostatic testing for scuba tanks as well as home medical use oxygen tanks, paintball tanks, and more. If you need to have your tank(s) inspected contact us for more information or come visit our store.