The Scuba Company

Andrew McCain

Scuba Company Photographer


Born in New Mexico, Andrew grew up on the Navajo reservation. He has been very successful with high-performance car audio systems for many years. Always looking for adventures, he tried scuba diving in Mexico in 2011 and fell in love. Andrew became a scuba instructor to help others. 650 plus dives and over 18 countries later, he loves taking lots of photos underwater. His favorite underwater animals are sharks and octopuses.

Scott Martin

Scuba Company Videographer


First attaining his open water certification in 1989 in a cold quarry in Virginia. He studied ichthyology for the first nine years of undersea enjoyment and worked on occasion with Dr. Eugenie Clark. He ran the shark feed show and was a volunteer in charge of the shark exhibit at an aquarium.

Since Scott began diving, he has dived in Virginia, Texas, New York, Denver Aquarium, Bahamas, Florida, Cayman Isl., Roatan, Belize, Bonaire, Black Sea, … and the list is growing. He is currently certified as an Assistant Instructor after going Pro in 2017.

You will often see Scott where he finds the most enjoyment, behind the camera. In 2017, Scott started a company (In Depth Productions) for his underwater cinematography work. You may see a video or two playing in the shop…

Scott has two film degrees where he studied cinematography and has two nursing degrees. He currently works as a Film Rescue Diver/Water Safety and Medic on Film/TV sets as well as an Emergency Department Nurse at the VA. Read more about Scott on his website: