PADI Assistant Instructors, Contracted Assistant Instructors


Eladio Muniz

Certification: PADI Assistant instructor, Discover Scuba Leader, Contracted Assistant Instructor

I grew up in New Jersey and lived in several other states as a result of company relocations.  Ultimately settled in New Mexico in January 2000 where I now own an insurance agency. My interest in diving began when my oldest son enlisted in the Navy and is currently an EOD Navy diver. I committed to becoming certified which I did in 2017 and he and I had a great diving trip to the Florida Keys in early 2018.  My interest in diving has continued as I received my certification as a Rescue Diver, Handicapped Scuba Association Divemaster, and Dive Master.

Dives Logged: 100+

Most Memorable Dive: My first ocean dive in Roatan Honduras with my good friends from the Scuba Company.”


Scott Martin

Certification: PADI Assistant Instructor, Discover Scuba Leader, HSA Divemaster: Contracted Assistant Instructor

Scott first learned to dive in 1989 in a quarry in Virginia. An avid photographer, Scott earned degrees in filmmaking and has applied his love of the craft throughout his life ever since. He came to the healthcare field ten years ago and is in his last year of nursing school. He also works as a set medic in addition to a safety diver for film and television production. Read More

Scuba diving has provided Scott an opportunity to combine the three passions in his life, photography, healthcare, and diving. Scott completed his divemaster certification in 2017 and has no plans to stop the dive adventure.

Dives Logged: 100+

Most Memorable Dive: Diving the tunnels in Grand Cayman, diving in and out of the great wall.


Jo Cunningham

Certification:PADI Assistant Instructor, Discover Scuba Diving Leader: Contracted Assistant Instructor

Jo began her dive career in 1999. She has been a PADI Dive Master since 2004 at The Scuba Company. Jo especially enjoys working with kids – of all ages! She is passionate about helping folks discover new diving experiences, both in New Mexico and in tropical paradises. Sharing her love for water is not the only love she has, she has recently also received her pilot’s license.

Dives Logged: 200+

Most Memorable Dive: “Favorite dive locations are outside the U.S. include Roatan, Curacao, Baja, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii”



Mark Chappell

Certification: PADI Assistant Instructor, Discover Scuba Diving Leader: Contracted Assistant Instructor

Mark is a current college student at the University of New Mexico majoring in Criminology with a minor in Naval Science. He will be graduating in Spring of 2022. Mark is a commercial sUAS pilot and uses his drone for volunteer Search and Rescue. Mark loves long walks on the beach and then walking into the water, disappearing into the foam to start a good dive.

Starting when he was just 15 years old, Mark became one of The Scuba Company’s youngest divemasters and plans to continue his professional education to become a Technical Diver.

Dives Logged: 100+

Most Memorable Dive: “The Odyssey” Shipwreck in Roatan, Honduras. There were so many garden eels that the ground looked like it was covered seagrass.