The Scuba Company Shop Staff

The Scuba Company shop staff is available to assist you in deciding, purchasing and servicing your dive equipment. With decades of experience with diving and dive equipment, the staff is a great tool to help you when you need new gear or maintenance.


Yasmany Fuentes

IDC Staff Instructor, General Manager

Born in Cuba, Yasmany made his way to the United States during childhood. Yasmany began his diving career totally by accident. After having studied karate his entire life, one day he walked into The Scuba Company just to see what it was about. The rest is history. Yasmany took the plunge and went from the PADI Open Water Diver to Divemaster within a year. He didn’t stop there, moving from Divemaster to Instructor and finally IDC Staff Instructor. Yasmany is absolutely enthralled with diving and loves to share this passion with prospective and current divers. In 2017 Yasmany obtained 300 certifications, making him a PADI Elite Instructor, the only PADI Elite Instructor in New Mexico. In 2018 he also was awarded PADI Pro of the year, diving with him will get you hooked…


Pierce McDowell

Rescue Diver, Shop Staff, PSI Inspector

Pierce started his career as a Technical Supervisor for in the Bay Area of San Francisco, CA. After leaving the Bay Area, Pierce relocated to Albuquerque, NM. He began his diving journey by getting certified in Thailand in the 2000’s. Pierce quickly learned how incredible the sport of diving is and brings that love into his work at The Scuba Company every day.




Ariel Otero

Master Scuba Diver, Lead Service Technician, CTS Inspector, Suunto Specialist, Aqualung Specialist

Ariel went to college to become a film technician and found himself as a scuba equipment technician instead. Since becoming certified in high school, Ariel’s love for scuba diving grew to such enjoyment that working on gear isn’t a job for him. Ariel loves to dive because he gets to see a different side of the world that YHVH (God) has created. One of his favorite moments was while diving in Blue Hole, while at 30 feet and seeing the rays of the sun come through the water.




Blayne Huss

Divemaster, Shop Technician, Atomic Specialist

Blayne is originally from Illinois and moved to New Mexico with his family. Blayne graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelors in Science and Art. A temporary college job in retail led to a career managing in the same store. Blayne comes to the world of diving as most do, preparing for a vacation in 2013. Once he and his wife, Jamie, began diving they were hooked and have continued to move their diving knowledge forward. Diving for Blayne is incredibly calming, leaving all the stresses of everyday life on the surface.



Jaime Huss

Master Scuba Diver, Sales, Special Orders Specialist

Jaime is a New Mexico native with a Masters of Science in biology and green technologies. She also teaches science and health to teenagers with special needs. After being terrified of water, she learned to dive in 2013. She immediately fell in love with sharks, turtles, and wrecks. Loving the atmosphere of The Scuba Company family, she joined the staff to help others experience the joy of diving.



Paul Ness

Divemaster, Suunto Technician, PSI Inspector

Paul fell in love with the sport and enjoys sharing his joy of diving with others. He quickly became interested in more than just diving but in rebuilding and maintaining dive gear. He finds joy in traveling and loves motorcycling on the race track when he is not diving.





Scott Martin

Divemaster, Videographer

Scott first learned to dive in 1989 in a quarry in Virginia. An avid photographer, Scott earned degrees in filmmaking and has applied his love of the craft throughout his life ever since. He came to the healthcare field ten years ago and is in his last year of nursing school. He also works as a set medic in addition to a safety diver for film and television production. Scuba diving has provided Scott an opportunity to combine the three passions in his life, photography, healthcare, and diving. Scott completed his divemaster certification in 2017 and has no plans to stop the dive adventure.