Core PADI Scuba Classes

The Scuba Company teaches to the PADI standard, joining a world-wide organization with 25 million certifications, growing everyday. Through PADI The Scuba Company offers a large variety of classes to provide certification from the most basic open water to the more advanced staff instructor positions. Getting started is easy, with a class that will introduce you into the world of diving and the specific set of skills associated with it. To continue with classes and further your certification, there are levels for recreational excellence as well as professional excellence. By getting certified, you will have the certification for life.

Open Water ClassesOpen Water Scuba Certification

In the PADI Open Water Diver (OWD) course, your adventure will begin. Being the worlds most recognizable scuba certification means you can take your certification with you anywhere in the world and be recognized. In the course, students will discover and review information about dive theory and equipment with a knowledgeable and passionate instructor. Following the classroom portion, students will spend time in the pool to perfect their skills. The final phase of certification comes in the form of dives in open water. When taking classes through The Scuba Company, you will go to the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM to complete your open water dives. In addition to the pool time, you will complete four dives in the open water at Blue Hole.

This course is open to anyone ten years of age and older with adequate swimming skills. You also must be in good physical health and no previous dive experience is required.

Advanced Open Water ClassesAdvanced Open Water Scuba Certification

With the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD), your adventure continues. This class provides with flexibility to choose your own specialties, based on your interests and what is available. Two dives are required though, deep and underwater navigation. Increase your knowledge, comfort and skill while enhancing your underwater experience. The AOWD course includes five adventure dives, completed over one weekend. Expand your dive knowledge and become a better diver.

This course is open to anyone twelve years of age and older. However, younger divers may not be able to participate in certain dives.


Rescue Diver ClassesRescue Diver Certification

In the Rescue Diver course you will learn how to both be a better diver and a better buddy. The Rescue Diver course is easily the most challenging, yet the most rewarding, class a diver can take. You will practice problem solving skills that will help you prevent and manage problems in the water. Additionally, you will learn how to self rescue yourself and panicked/ unresponsive divers, and recognize/ manage stress in other divers. Your instructor may also offer the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider specialty during any Rescue Diver classes.

This course is open to anyone twelve years of age and older. You must also have completed the Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive and have CPR/ First Aid training within the last 24 months.


Master Scuba Diver ClassesMaster Scuba Diver Certification

The Master Scuba Diver certification is a recognition rating for those who have completed a significant level of diving and classes. You must have a minimum of fifty dives, five specialty certifications and coursework up to Rescue Diver to qualify. Fewer than 2% of divers ever achieve this rating, making it an elite group of divers. This is a great certification for you to achieve if you don’t want to become a professional Divemaster or instructor.

Anyone who is at least twelve years or older is eligible for this level of certification.


Divemaster ClassesDivemaster

The first step to Going PRO with PADI is by entering the Divemaster program. Becoming a Divemaster will not only teach you about becoming a better diver, but also how you can share your excitement and skills with others. Through many hours of apprenticeship, classroom and skills testing you will become the diver you always knew you could be. Becoming a Divemaster allows you to work professionally assisting with classes or leading dives.

This course is open to those eighteen years of age and older with coursework completed through Rescue Diver. Additionally, you will need CPR and First Aid training in the last 24 months and at least forty logged dives.